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About the music

Welcome at my website, I'm an independent electronic and dance music creator from Heemskerk, the Netherlands, producing beats with FL Studio 11. My music is available at common download and streaming portals. In 2013 i released my first album Odeceixe reunion. It contains 15 tracks varying from melodic electronic to (technical) dance music (electro, house, trance). After this album i released several single tracks.

My love for music was born a long time ago and will sure be influenced by all the different music styles I've heard over the past decades. My first experience with synthesizers was in the late seventies. Below you find my discography with artwork and a short story per track...

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Album  : Odeceixe reunion

Singles: Let this move you, Patrified, A part i, The Stiltwalker, The voices of Nibazy


Lucky numbers 128 BPM C# 6:09 minutes Electronic/House

Picture made in Koutouloufari, Crete, Greece.

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Banished souls 128 BPM C 5:39 minutes Electronic/Dance Pop

The title 'Banished Souls' i made up after visiting the former leper colony Spinalonga in the Gulf of Elounda, Crete, Greece. The island was subsequently used as a leper colony from 1903 to 1957. It is notable for being one of the last active leper colonies in Europe.

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No war No More NO 128 BPM A 6:57 minutes Electronic/Hip Hop

This track was born after i tested the Tone2 ComplexDroids soundset for the ElectraX sampler. I combined it with some kids and other voice samples, a Hip-hop beat, some dubstep elements and used a chorus i made up in the early '80's and had always remembered. I think no explanation is necessary for the title, let the sounds of war disappear forever from this planet. Better use war money for the development of prosperity for every cosmopolitan and solving other global problems. The symbolic artwork, a sinking tank into the sea, is a combination of a sunset in Anaxos and an old tank i discovered in Gavathas at the Greek island of Lesbos.

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Into the gale force winds 115 BPM C 5:15 minutes Electronic/Dream Pop

Since my childhood I have been impressed by the power of nature. I live close to the sea, when it's storming you can find me at the beach with my camera into the gale force winds. Since 2001 i publish storm footage online at

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14K4 128 BPM D# 5:38 minutes Electronic/Electropop

The track 14K4 was born from a demo i made for the Tone2 ElectraX sampler Chiptunes soundset. This set contains sounds of classic computer and games consoles and remembers me to the '80's (Commodore 64, Sinclair ZX Spectrum, Atari ST, etc.) At the image my first ZX Spectrum with MIDI interface in the early '80's (DAW's, VST's, laptops and internet were not yet born). Equipment and software were very expensive in those days so i build some of my own gear, a modular system based on the Elektor Formant Synthesizer with the CEM chipset (3310, 3320, 3330, 3340) and some FX like delays/reverbs based on the SAD1024 chip. I spend lots of hours above the soldering iron, the 741 chip amplifier never lacked.

My favorite artists of that time were Tangerine Dream, Kraftwerk, Klaus Schulze, Jean Michel Jarre, Michael Garrison, Vangelis, Kitaro, Tomita, Peru ( Rob Papen ) and later music from Enya, Clannad, Enigma and many others music genres. I think one of the first synthesizer sounds i can remember is the chorus of 'My friend the wind' from Demis Roussos (1973) and who can't remember Popcorn (1972), Robert Moog, the sounds of the ARP 2600, Korg MS-20, PPG Wave and E-mu Emulator synths/samplers. I sold my CS-10 and MS-20 long ago, the only synths i still have are the Yamaha AN1X, Yamaha TG55 and my own build modular system. Beside electronic music i also love many other genres, one of my first vinyl records was 'Rock and Roll Animal' from Lou Reed.

My first encounter with EDM was through the Magik mix compilations from Tiesto released on Black Hole Recordings in the 90s. So i got in touch with music of Tiësto, Armin van Buuren, Ferry Corsten, Johan Gielen, Delerium, ATB, Gareth Emery and many others.

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Trampolines 130 BPM F 5:07 minutes Electronic/Acid House

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Bashir's trip 120 BPM A 4:52 minutes Electronic/Dance Pop

The title 'Bashir's trip' i made up after i met Bashir, a former Radio DJ and refugee from Afghanistan last year. He told me about his long journey to freedom.

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Raw food junkies 122 BPM D# 5:26 minutes Electronic/R&B/Hip-hop

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Dropstones 128 BPM D# 5:34 minutes Electronic/Dance/Electropop

The title 'Dropstones' i made up after reading an article on a science website.

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Under full sail to the Donkey Island 128 BPM D# 4:54 minutes Electronic/Trance

Chrissi island is also called 'Donkey island'. It's a very small island in the amazing turquoise colored Libyan Sea, 15 kilometres south of Crete, Greece. I visited it a few years ago when i was composing this trancy track.

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The beauty of patience 120 BPM C 4:43 minutes Electronic/Electro Rock

For me the beauty of patience is that when you have to be patient for one thing, you can put positive energy in other things. The picture i made in the Southwest of Portugal at the surfers beach of Ponta Ruiva.

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Old boys on boards 130 BPM G 4:31 minutes Electronic/Acid House

Besides making music and photography, one of my other passions is snowboarding. I started windsurfing at the age of 15 (and still do when the weather is tropical), snowboards were not even invented then. I started snowboarding around 12 years ago, i love to cruise the mountains and feel the freedom of this sport. Because we do not have Dutch mountains, i regularly visit the indoor slopes to snowboard with other (old) boys and girls. The oldest 'boy' i know is 74 (respect). Photo of 'me as the flying Dutchman' taken at Snowplanet by Martijn Holling.

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Moneverble 128 BPM A# 7:06 minutes Electronic/Electro House

It's sometimes funny how a track title is born. I saw the word 'Moneverble' in a product review of a Nitro Rook snowboard. One of the features of the board was that is was not super moneverble at low speed. Cause i did'nt know the meaning of this word, i searched at Google and only found 1 hit, to the article i was just reading. I think it's rather exceptional to get just 1 hit on a Google search, so a track title was born. Still don't know the meaning of the word. I made the picture of the pow trees in Neu-Astenberg, Germany.

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Spume 120 BPM D# 6:49 minutes Electronic/Dream Pop

Dreamy rave track. Spume is another word for sea foam. Picture taken in IJmuiden, the Netherlands.

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Odeceixe reunion 128 BPM D 4:19 minutes Electronic/Dream Pop

Odeceixe reunion is the title track of my album with the same name. Odeceixe is a little village at the Southwest coast of the Portugese Algarve. I visited the village and the beach of Odeceixe a few times in the eighties and recently after 25 years in 2011 (my reunion with Odeceixe, still as beautifull as 25 years ago). It was there i got the idea to make music again, after a long pause of not making music at all. My roots in E-music go back to the mid seventies, when i followed the pioneers of that time. In the early eighties i owned a few synthesizers like Korg MS-20, Poly-800, Yamaha CS10, AN1X and build my own modular synthesizer system. I frequently played with some friends with equipment like Korg Poly-6, Lambda, Roland Juno 106, Yamaha DX7, Solina strings, samplers, sequencers, FX, etc. all the stuff you now find as Vintage VST's. Later in the early nineties i got interested in the upcoming dance music. In addition to the electronic and dance genres, i have an eclectic taste in music.

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Let this move you 135 BPM C# 5:50 minutes Electronic/Dance

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Patrified 135 BPM A 6:05 minutes Electronic/Dance

I just misspelled the trackname a little, patrified in stead of petrified, turned into stone. Picture taken at the largest petrified forest park in the world in Lesbos, Greece. The age of the petrified forest is estimated at 20.000.000 years.

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A part i 128 BPM D# 6:24 minutes Electronic/Dance

Dance track i made from an old Saurus demo, i made for Tone2. Picture taken in Gazi, Crete, Greece.

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The Stiltwalker 126 BPM G 5:28 minutes Electronic/Deep House

The Stiltwalker is a gift i got from an artist handicapped by a rare muscle disease. Picture taken in Anaxos, Lesbos, Greece.

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The voices of Nibazy 128 BPM G 6:54 minutes Trance with Tuvan throat singing vocals

The voices of Nibazy is a trance track with ethnic sounds from tibet, violins and vocals of Tuvan throat singers. The art of Mongolian throat singing is a style in which one or more pitches sound simultaneously over a fundamental pitch, producing a unique sound, more information about Tuvan throat singing at Wikipedia...

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The voices of Nibazy

single track, released 08-04-2014

Use Play button to login to Spotify or if you don't have Spotify try one of the other portals or previews at Soundcloud or Youtube.

The Stiltwalker

single track, released 09-03-2014

Use Play button to login to Spotify or if you don't have Spotify try one of the other portals or previews at Soundcloud or Youtube.

A part i

single track, released 06-02-2014

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single track, released 11-12-2013

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Let this move you

single track, released 24-10-2013

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Odeceixe reunion

album, 15 tracks, released 25-08-2013

Use Play button to login to Spotify or if you don't have Spotify try one of the other portals or previews at Soundcloud or Youtube.


Mastering is done by Kris Verex: Highwood Audio Berlin.


The voices of Nibazy

8-4-2014 - Check out The voices of Nibazy at Soundcloud, epic trance with vocals of Tuvan throat singers, available now at major download and streaming portals...

The Stiltwalker

9-3-2014 - Check out the premaster of The Stilwalker at Soundcloud...

A part i available

My latest track 'A part i' is available in the download and streaming portals since 06-02-2014...

Also follow my Facebook page for news updates...

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